Who Discovered Mexico?

It is believed that the first people to be in what is now Mexico were the immigrants who came from Asia in about 25 thousand years ago. The next people to come to the country were Europeans from Spain, which started with two people who had survived a sea accident when their ship capsized.

Then, the most likely myth was the discovery of the country by Hernan Cortez a Spaniard who invaded the Aztec empire and conquered the land and named this place Mexico and declared it a country. The territory that was then created was a part of the Spanish Empire, known as New Spain.

Many of the people that exist in Modern Mexico including the culture, traditions, architecture and identity were created during the period of colonialism. The country gained its independence on 16th September

1810 and it was declared by a Priest Miguel Hidalgo Costilla, in a small town known as Dolores, Guanajuato. Hidalgo, who was a Spanish army Viceregal, Captain Ignacio Allende, formed the first insurgent group together with Juan Aldama the militia captain and Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez of the; La Corregidora’. Hidalgo and a few members of his army were arrested and then put to death by a firing squad on 31st July of 1811.

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