Nautical Home Decor – Makeover Tips

If you live near the beach or want to design your home in such a way that it’s reminiscent of that classical underwater or Beach vibe, decorating your home with nautical home decor is the best way to achieve that. Decorating your home the nautical way may not be easiest task in the world, as nautical home decor is generally more expensive than traditional home decor.

But if you have the money to spend and you want to redecorate your home in the nautical fashion, getting things like ships and old sailing equipment can give your home just the vibe you’re looking for.

What to buy

There aren’t any strict guidelines on what you should get for the nautical home decor. Anything with a beach or ship feel can be considered. But if you’re stuck for ideas, here are some things you may want to look at.

Compass clock: A clock in the shape of the compass is a great idea not only to tell the time, but to add a nautical flair. Compass clocks, like this one available on Amazon, generally run for about $20-$30. They are designed in such a way that all of the numbers of the compass are positioned directly above the compass positions.

Buy Nautical Compass Clock

Welcome sign: One of our favorite ideas is to get a nautical themed welcome sign for your home. You can place it just inside the front door, or right near the doorstep. With a simple phrase like “welcome home,” you can welcome guests and introduce them to your nautical themed house.

Paint: One of the most overlooked options for redecorating your home is always paint. Paint can add color to any room and help build a theme. If you are looking for a nautical home decor theme, we recommend going with lighter colored paints such as blues, teals, and pinks. All of these colors are reminiscent of a nautical theme and can help really pull a room together.

Where to Buy

One of my favorite stores to purchase things of the nautical theme is a store you probably have in your local shopping mall. Kirkland’s is a nationwide retailer that deals in all things eccentric. You’re sure to find very classy gifts and home decor ideas in a store like Kirkland’s. You may also want to try your luck in a store like Target. While they may not to deal exclusively in nautical home decor, you’re sure to find some quirky things that may be able to help the design process.

If the local route doesn’t help, there is always the Internet. Some may argue that buying online is the best option to begin with, but I like to see all of my home decor items before I purchase them. Sites like Amazon are a good one-stop shop for nautical home decor, as you can easily browse many different items and ideas all at once. They may not have a big selection of couches and chairs for your nautically themed home, but they have a lot of accents.

If this is your first time redesigning your home in the nautical theme, don’t overdo it. Many people don’t go into the redesigning with a plan, and get stuck with a lot of useless decoration. Because people tend to go to stores and just buy anything nautically themed, they’re left with mismatched goods when they arrive home and have nowhere to put everything. Start out small with one or two nautically themed items and work your way up from there.

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