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In Review: Ozeri Touch Digital Food Scale

Ozeri finally tapped into the high tech kitchen market niche that has gone untapped for a long time. Although technology has adapted all around us, the most technology most of us have in our kitchens are the digital clocks on our microwaves and stoves.

Ozeri has introduced a state of the art digital scale that finally takes the guess work out of staring at a silly little needle as it swings back and forth uncontrollably on our current scales. Plus, they’re not that expensive and can make your kitchen look a little more upscale than it is already.

Make accurate measurements with the Ozeri kitchen scale and toss that piece of old technology away.

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Price: $25.00

Buy Ozeri Touch Digital Food Scale


  • Very accurate readings
  • Handles a lot of weight
  • Small form factor – thin and small width wise


  • Easy to smudge
  • Tough to read in some situations

Fire Up the Grill!

The Ozeri scale isn’t the most complicated device in the world, so our review of it won’t be as in-depth as our other reviews. But that’s not because we don’t care anymore, it’s just that the Ozeri is so simple to use that we don’t to bore you with the details. The Ozeri touch kitchen scale provides very accurate readings and even after testing it with known weights, it read them to a tee without any discrepancy at any time. Also nice about the scale is that it can handle around ten pounds of weight safely. We’re not sure why you’d ever want to weigh ten pounds of food at any given time, but the option is there if need be. Finally, because kitchen space is limited in almost every household across the country, the small form factor of this device makes it easy to store and leave on the counters.

One Thing to Fix

We threw in “easy to smudge” under the bad section as it may bother some people. Because the scale has a glass top, it’s easily smudged. While it’s very easy to take a sponge to the scale and clean it right up, some people may hate having to make that trip to the sink every time they put their fingers on the scale. You may also notice that in some situations, the scale is tough to read. Unlike traditional scales that are always readable because of their bucket like weighing system, the Ozeri’s readings can be covered up if what you’re weighing is too large. There’s no way around it short of buying a bigger scale with the numbers farther away from the center of the scale. Overall though, these two “cons” aren’t problems at all if you’re just weighing vegetables or meat in a standard kitchen setting.

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