How to Use TransmissionBT?

TransmissionBT is a lightweight and a powerful client for BitTorrent, created primarily for Mac and Linux users. TransmissionBT has a simple interface that’s designed to integrate well with any Operating environment. TransmissionBT strikes a balance between useful functionality and rich features. The software has been released free, similar to other torrent software in the market.

This tutorial will teach you how to configure and use TransmissionBT to download all your files from the torrent network.

1. Go, and download the install file. Save it. Drag the .dmg file to your application folder and launch it from there.

2. Double click and open the software. Click the Open Torrent File button to open a torrent file.

3. Locate a .torrent file and click on it to open it.

4. A confirmation window with information about the .torrent file will pop up. Basically, it tells you all the files associated with the .torrent file.

5. Under the DL(download) column, you can uncheck any file you do not wish to download. When everythings looks file, click the Add button on the right side bottom.

6. You can always monitor the upload/download speed in the icon that shows up in your Dock.

7. Click the button ‘toggle the filter bar’ located second from right, to pull up the filter bar. Here you can view the details of all your torrents, whether they are active, their download status and more.

Of course, TransmissionBT has more to this than what we have laid above. This tutorial is surely sufficient for you to run the app successfully and download your files from the torrent network.

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