How to Use SPSS?

SPSS is a statistical package that is most popular with political scientists. This application has the ability to take any file type and use the data that is contained in the file to tabulate trends, plots, charts and reports.

Quite a number of people are unfamiliar with the concept of SPSS but college students usually come across it at one point or the other. This is a reason why these kinds of people are required to learn about the term quickly. SPSS identifies a very efficient and effective manner through which one can be able to make data analysis.

Data can present different things among the information used for putting surveys together or when numbers are being crunched. If one wants to use SPSS a disc that is downloaded to the computer in use.

  • The first step in how to use SPSS is to start SPSS. This can be done by going to Windows’ start menu and then choose Programs, as well as the SPSS used by Windows. This will then pave way for the opening of the Data Editor.
  • Within the list boxes will appear variable names. Most of the time it is better for the variable titles that are placed in alphabetical order to make it possible to change the order. On the menu select Edit and then go on to choose options then General Tab and choose Display labels. The latter will be in a list known as variables. Choose Alphabetical and then click onto the OK button 2 times.
  • Open a single data file. On menu select file then Open, Data. The box known as Open File will then display. Double click on the Tutorial folder and do the same on the sample file_folders, click on file demo.sav and then click Open. From the provided menus select View and then go to Value labels.
  • Make an analysis. From the provided menus select analyze, then go to Descriptive Statistics and then frequencies. The dialog box of the frequencies will then be displayed. The icons that will be shown will offer the information that is needed concerning the type of the data as well as the measurement level.

Although it might seem quite involving, the steps that one need to follow in order to be able to know how to use SPSS for their analysis are not difficult to follow and are quite short and to point.

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