How to Use MegaUpload?

MegaUpload is a website used for sharing large files over the Internet. One major advantage that megaupload has over similar file sharing services is in regard to the duration of file retention in their respective server.

The uploaded files are only deleted after being unused for a period of 21days hence, if people download it on a continuous, this will ensure the files are always there. The uploading file size is around 500MB, which is adequate to share files, movies and music.

To use MegaUpload file Sharing:

  • You can view the upload in real time in the next page. After uploading, it will verify the integrity of the file.
  • The current progress bar changes the moment the upload is finished.
  • You will be given a unique URL that you can share with anyone to download the file you just uploaded (look below).

Megaupload also offers many benefits for people who signup as a member. They also have premium memberships wherein your files are stored permanently even if there is in-activity. Remember, if you stay a non-member, your files will be deleted after 21 days of in-activity.  If you deal with important files, it surely will pay to go the premium route.

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