How to Make a Male Toga

Togas are usually worn by those attending toga parties, especially in college campuses. They can also be worn by anyone hosting and attending a toga party.

Toga is a Roman dress that was worn by Roman citizens. As years passed, the male toga  began to be worn for entertainment purposes. Because of the simple design of the toga, making a male toga is not at all complicated. Here are few guidelines that must be taken into account when making a male toga.

Materials Required to Make a Male Toga

  • fabric
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • safety pin

Steps for Making a Male Toga


Get the material to be used for making the toga. Most people prefer using bed sheets to make their togas. However, to make quality and impressive togas, purchase good quality fabric from the retail store. Decide on the type of material, such as silk, cotton, polyester and so on.

  • Determine how much fabric to buy. The amount of fabric will depend on the desired length of the male toga and the height of the person.  Also, decide on the preferred color of the fabric. Although most people prefer to wear white togas, any color can be used.
  • Get the right dimensions of the male toga. To do this, measure the distance from the neck to any part below the knees. Get the correct waist measurement. Typically, the appropriate size of fabric to buy, depending on the draping, is about six yards.
  • Get the appropriate width. To do this, one should decide to either cut the fabric into two equal parts or just fold it in two parts. In case it is cut into two, use matching sewing thread to join the two pieces together. If it is folded, also join the loose ends. Folding and sewing the ends enables the cloth to remain nicely in place and not move from side to side.
  • Once it is completed, the toga can then be worn. Do this by wrapping it around the body at least one round then, half a round. The remaining cloth can then be thrown around either shoulder depending on the person’s preference.
  • Bring the remaining fabric from the back across any of the shoulder, making it fall to the front until it reaches the waist. Then, use safety pin to fasten it to the waist fabric.

Wear some clothing underneath the male toga. Male undergarments like boxer shorts can be worn. After the toga is worn, get ready for the party!


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