How to Build a Brick House?

The use of bricks for house construction is a good option because it is able to keep cool during the heat of the summer and maintains warmth over the frigid winter period.

In addition, the commonly used bricks are very durable material and can maintain its form even when faced with harsh environmental conditions.

The following guidelines should be followed when constructing a brick house.

  • A plan of the proposed house should be made in advance an this will act as a guide during the construction
  • A foundation will need to be dug in the ground, which will enable the outer walls to be stable. Concrete footing may have to be added to the foundation if the foundation is not enough to support the walls.
  • The bricks should be laid end to end without mortar to measure the full length of a particular wall. An allowance of about three eighths of one inch is added to the overall length for the space that the mortar will take. There should be provision for the windows and doorways.
  • After the material are well prepared start laying the bricks with mortar from one end of the wall and after laying each brick use the level to ensure there is evenness. After laying a few courses of the bricks on one end, start laying bricks on the opposite end.
  • String a line across the top of the two ends before laying bricks in the middle to make sure that they are even. The ends should always be higher than the middle part until they finally even out at the top. The level should still be used intermittently to ensure the evenness of the bricks.
  • The roofing is done using decking and wooden beams. Asphalt and tar paper is used on the roofing in order to create sufficient insulation from heat. Some tips when building a brick house are as follows.
  • A plumb line should be used to make sure that the ends are vertically even.
  • After about 6 courses, metal ties should be nailed to the studs on the wall and this secures the bricks well preventing them from falling down.
  • The dimensions of the bricks should be well known before hand so that the desired height can be reached.
  • Safety gear should be worn at all times especially the hard hat to protect the head.

When building a brick house, one should ensure that all the measurements are correct and the right mixture of mortar is used. This is done to ensure stability of the house and walls when one is building. If one is not sure about the measurement and mixture it is safer to call a professional for better direction.

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