What Are Thunder Beads?

Thunder beads are types of toy beads that are used to stimulate some form of pleasure in a person through the anus. It is similar to a thick string consisting of mainly pearls. They are arranged in such a manner that the smallest bead is on one end and the preceding beads becoming bigger to the other end but it is important to note that the sizes of beads vary and users can pick one depending on their penetration preference. The Thunder beads are not restricted to any sex; both men and women are able to use it since the insertion takes place in the anus.




These beads can be used by an individual to give sexual pleasure or be shared among partners who desire to spice up their sex life. Due to the nature of their use, caution should be exercised when cleaning them up because failure to do this can cause infections. It is also advisable not to share the thunder beads; each of them should be used on a single person. Thunder beads are locally available in different colors and sizes and one is at liberty to pick what he or she desires. Most of the thunder beads are able to glow in the dark.

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