Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious conduction that is affecting more and more women and men in society. This fatal disease has claimed many lives. However, fatalities can be reduced in society due to breast cancer through early diagnosis.

Consequently, people need to know what the symptoms of breast cancer are because they will lead to effective treatment. However, many symptoms of the cancer will present themselves when the disease has progressed.

Nonetheless, knowing the top signs will help arrest progression to preserve life. The following are some of the most common known symptoms of breast cancer.

  • The first symptom to look out for is a lump. This will be a thickening mass that will be clearly different from the rest of the tissue. This lump will be immobile. Other lumps are not cancerous and will usually be movable compared to the breast cancer lump. To notice the lump people have to do breast examinations occasionally to ensure they catch the disease before it becomes full blown.

  • Bloody discharge from the nipple can indicate breast cancer. However, people should also look out for other kinds of discharge that they do not consider normal. This will also present with aches and pain and this is a definite symptom that needs medical attention.

  • Breast cancer has also been seen to cause change in shape and size of the breast. For this reason, people need to keep watching for changes in the breast.

  • The skin over the breast might change and become dimply and some nipples even become inverted.

  • Peeling and flaking of the nipple can also indicate breast cancer. However, there are many other conditions that might cause this but an examination will be paramount as a safety precaution. There are many other symptoms of the disease.

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