Pink Laptops – 5 Names to Pick From

Getting a pink laptop not only shows how you unique you are with your choice of color, it will also show your friends that you’re on top of the game. Pink laptops haven’t been out for a while and hopping on the new color trend will surely get you fame among your friends.

Be the envy of all of the others girls in class as you whip out your pink laptop to show off. The best part of all is that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for popularity.

These laptops are more than enough to take notes in class and browse the web with your girl friends on the weekend. So what are you waiting for? Ask mom and dad to help you pick out a pink laptop today!

Sony Vaio CW

This pink laptop packs a punch behind its girly exterior. Complete with a 2.13ghz processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, and a 500 gigabyte HD, this computer is more than what you’ll need to look flirty on the town. It can do everything from web browsing to gaming and then some. You’ll never be looking for more power with this laptop. The creative design on the back of the laptop is what really makes it pop. Sony goes all out with creating a unique color of pink that lies somewhere between hot pink and a mauve. It’s very appealing to the eye and will garner a lot of attention.

Samsung N150 Netbook

This pink beauty is a spin on the traditional netbooks released by Samsung and other similar companies. Featuring the same Intel Atom processor, 160 gigabyte hard drive, and 1 gigabyte of RAM, this netbook is a powerhouse for on the go computing. You’ll be able to do pretty much anything you can currently do with your desktop on this little thing and the best part of all, it’s ultra portable. Slip it into your purse and forget that it’s even there. The hot pink back also makes it a real guy getter. Show off your quirky or spicy personality with the hot pink netbook back.

HP Mini 210

Another netbook that has joined the ranks of cute and functional. The HP Mini 210 is almost identical to all of the other netbooks in the same class except for its shape and design. The only reason you would buy one of these HP Mini netbooks over say, the Samsung, or maybe even an EEE PC is because the styling on it is above and beyond what other companies are doing. With a pink checkerboard pattern that creates the illusion of a three dimensional space, the pink layout makes this laptop soar. The HP Mini 210 looks more like a personal accessory than a laptop.

Dell Inspiron

Stepping up the game from the two previous netbooks, Dell’s Inspiron line is a pink force to be reckoned with. It’s not quite as powerful as the Sony listed above, but it’ll still pack a punch at a much lower price. Most of the Inspirons feature a 2ghz processor along with 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 160 gigabyte hard drive. The Inspiron is the perfect choice for a college laptop or for a high school student looking to boost their productivity levels. Plus, the Inspiron comes in a variety of colors including the ever sought after pink.

Macbook Pro

Apple’s line of computer products is increasingly popular with the younger generation looking to get something more out of their laptops. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer their computers in a pink option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a pink hue to your computer. The alternative option is to contact an aftermarket retailer and get a pink skin to put over the laptop. For around $50 you can get an aftermarket pink cover for your Macbook or Macbook Pro and still sport the fun pink color around town as you work.

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