If You Want to Quit Binge Drinking

It’s very important to quit binge drinking as soon as possible. Binge drinking is probably one of the most dangerous forms of drinking that, if not treated soon, could lead you to alcoholism.

According to health departments, binge drinking for men is drinking five or more drinks within a 24-hour time frame. As for women, it’s consuming 4 drinks or more in the same time frame.

There’s a fine line between binge drinking and alcoholism. However, the difference between these two is mainly in the fact that alcoholism refers to a person who needs to keep drinking in order to stay happy, this person depends on alcohol. It doesn’t matter if the person needs to give up aspects of its life to keep drinking, they will do it.

Some people confuse binge drinking with social drinking; however, social drinking refers to having a couple of drinks once or twice a week. If you think you’re a binge drinker it’s important that you stop right away, as this is a sign of serious alcohol abuse problems.

First of all, you need to start counting the drinks you have in a 24-hour time frame. Once you accept your binge drinking problem, you need to start setting limits in your drinking and make sure you get your family’s help to stick to that limit.

Never drink before a meal; if you’re serious about stop drinking, you need to have food in your stomach. Start by drinking a glass of water; have your meal with a non-alcoholic drink and finally get your alcohol drink. By the time you get your beer or wine, you’re going to be full and it’s more probable that you’re not finishing it.

Let know your friends about your plan to quit binge drinking and ask for their help, if they don’t understand or make fun of you, maybe you should make new friends. It’s hard to stop binge drinking, but you can do it if you have determination.

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